Somehow, we have to draw a line between who’s gonna count in this game (Famous) and who isn’t (Not Famous). It ain’t easy. Everyone has a different idea of who should be called famous. Once upon a time, we thought we’d found the answer using Wikipedia. It was a reliable and the line it drew was so clear-cut! News of a death either made the AP, or it didn’t. Our needs seemed to be completely covered. Too completely, it turned out. The damn thing covers almost everybody who ever had a job. This didn’t work! Why? Because even more than we want complete objectivity, we want this game to be about REALLY famous people. Not newsworthy people, not accomplished people, in other words. We were getting further and further into amateur geologists and Asian ping-pong players, and it’s just no fun making fun of people you never heard of before you did a search on liver cancer. So, we’ve given up on the notion of total objectivity and back to basics. We no longer give a crap about Wikipedia or who’s related to who or what defines an obituary, all that stuff is history. Here’s why.

First, you need to understand that for Fame = Name Recognition, pretty much. They’re virtually the same thing, as far as I'm concerned. If you look at a photo and think, “I know that guy, he’s from that chicken commercial,” but you don’t know what his name is, that’s not a celebrity. If a person has made enough news stories, or talk-show appearances, or bad pop songs to have an identity that’s conveyed merely by the mention of his or her name, that person is considered (by me) to be famous.

You must be able to “Positively identified” a celebrity. [Examples: If Bill Clinton is identified as "a politician," or Mike Tyson as "an athlete," that's not positive enough. "U.S. President" and "boxer" are what I'm looking for. 

New Rules for 2016 !!!
You must submit 30 celebrity names plus 5 alternate names. If any of your original 30 names are deemed NOT famous. They will be removed and your first alternative name will be moved into your top 30 list. All lists must be emailed to me by midnight New Years Eve! (12/31/2015 11:59 PM)

*The new official rules are very siimple!
*All chosen celebrities must be listed on one of the following lists. 
*The directory at and at 

please send lists to

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